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Imperial Missions was a student game created at the Digital Animation & Visual Effects School. We took a base game where you fly a proxy ship through a series of rings dodging boxes, and created a Star Fox style game set in the Star Wars universe where you fly a tie fighter through a series of rings avoiding asteroids with the goal of reaching the waiting star destroyer before you are left behind.

My job within this project was

 - Fixing one of the win screens by animating the ship flying into the star destroyer

 - Fixing one of the loss screens by animating the ship losing control and exploding.

 - Placing an animated asset into the level then attaching a randomized trigger box to tell the asset to play one of three animations or no animation

 - Creating damaged effects for one ship including fire, sparks, and smoke.

 - Creating various unique explosion effects to play when the ship explodes.

 - Creating visual effects for the star destroyer engines including heat distortion and ion 'fire' effects.



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